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What is TouchCR?

TouchCR is an advanced, cloud-based e-commerce marketing platform developed by marketers for marketers. Through deep Salesforce integrations, TouchCR is able to deliver a secure, scalable solution that enables marketers to better identify, segment and score customers in real time. With TouchCR, marketers can market with significant relevance, delivering a more personalized memorable experience to customers and prospects.

Do you know your customers?
With TouchCR, you do.

A Few Places We’ve Been Featured

  • “It’s about being able to resolve the identification back to a person – looking at the device, fingerprinting it back to a person and maintaining a relationship with that person on an ongoing basis.”

    — Forbes, June 23rd 2017

  • “TouchCR enables intelligent marketing.”

    — PYMNTS, March 1st 2017

  • “TouchCR integrates customer data from fragmented sources, such as transactional, demographic, and behavioral data, into one platform, enabling marketers to better identify, segment, and score customers in real-time.”

    — Practical Ecommerce, March 2nd 2017

  • “After developing a tool for improving its parent company's marketing efforts, the Chicago-based team behind TouchCR was approached by Salesforce about bringing that tool to the masses.”

    — Built in Chicago, March 14th 2017

  • “TouchCR’s secure, scalable and cloud-based solution enables marketers to better identify, segment and score consumers in real time, leading to an increase in customer lifetime value.”

    — Internet Retailer, February 23rd 2017

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TouchCR Facts

In 2016, TouchCR enabled two CPG brands, Cate McNabb Cosmetics and Sunology Mineral Sunscreen, to see

20% growth with 60% less ad spending

TouchCR is one of five companies globally to design and implement IoT for humans on Salesforce.

TouchCR seamlessly integrates with and amplifies Salesforce Service Cloud, Einstein Analytics Cloud, Marketing Cloud, IoT Cloud, Community Cloud and Heroku.

What Our Clients are Saying About Us

  • “By selecting TouchCR, we are confident that not only will we better serve our existing customers, but will also reach our aggressive growth goals in 2017 and beyond through an FMCG industry-leading Omni channel retailing solution.”

    — Brendan French, Business Manager for Home Ice Cream

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Rich customer profiles combine over 700 uniquely identifiable data points - including transactional, demographic, psychographic and behavioral customer data - creating a 360-degree view of your customers. Finally, marketers are able to enjoy the same tools used by Amazon and other industry giants!

  1. Customized, Real Time Customer Scoring and Segmentation
    Enhanced RFM scoring capabilities enable marketers to effectively segment and score customers in real time, ensuring they are targeting their biggest opportunities with a clear lens, while improving overall marketing spend.
  2. Actionable Insights
    Use 80 different variables to help identify your best customers, customize their journeys and increase their overall spending. By knowing how recently a customer purchased, how often they purchased and how much they spend, your business is able to make more fact-based, effective marketing decisions.
  3. Intelligent Personalization Capabilities
    Identify trends, predict future buying behaviors and see direct attribution return on investment (ROI) on media spend.